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About this directory


The directory is a simple, no-frills means of putting people in direct contact with various types of accommodations throughout the UK. Direct contact details for all accommodations, in all locations, are only 3 clicks away from the home page.

It is a directory in the truest sense, in that it provides as many free listings in its field as possible. Unlike most directories, such as the phone book, this one does not have any facility for prefered or featured listings, or for advertisements of any kind. Every listed accommodation has been included free of charge, and they are displayed in alphabetical order within three groupings. They are, those with websites, followed by those without websites but with descriptions, followed by those without websites or descriptions.

The directory provides as much direct contact information as we know about for each listed accommodation, but it is not a booking service, and we cannot provide information about any of the listed accommodations.

Whenever possible we include a brief description of the accommodation, and a link to its website if it has one.

Information for accommodation owners

All short-term accommodations can be listed in the directory, regardless of whether or not they have websites or email addresses. As long as we have some direct contact information, we will list an accommodation. The minimum information that we need is:

name of the accommodation
phone number

Being listed in the directory is free, and there is no facility for preferential listings. Accommodations with websites are listed first, because we feel that most people would like to find them quickly. Those with descriptions are listed next, and then those without descriptions are listed. The listings are in alphabetical order within each of those groupings.

Accommodation groups and directories
The directory provides direct contact information for the benefit of people and accommodation owners. It does not provide contact information for third party groups and directories. Third party groups may submit their accommodations individually, provided that the information (accommodation name, address, phone number, website, etc.) is for the accommodation itself, and not for the group. In cases where the accommodations within the group do not have their own websites, a deep link to each accommodation's page in the group's website is preferred. What we do not want are links to websites where the visitor has to start looking again to find the particular accommodation, or links to pages that only provide third party contact information. Link of that nature will be rejected.

Online bookings
We know that people often wish to book online, and we may extend the scope of the directory in the future by providing an online direct booking service for acommodations that don't have their own online booking facilities, but we have no plans to do so in the immediate future.

Updating an existing entry
If your accommodation is already listed, and its information is out of date or innacurate, please let us know the name of the accommodation, its town/city, the accommodation type where it is listed (guest houses, hotels, etc.), and what is wrong with its listing. We especially want to add links to accommodation websites where we don't have them, and descriptions where we don't have them. Please note that we do not make description changes for things like special offers, promotions, different times of the year, etc. Once a description is written, it shouldn't need to be changed.


Please see our Links Policy.

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